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Rock Agamas

Magic moment of the week: Rock Agamas

One of the countless amount of species we get to encounter on our Robberg peninsula hikes. These Rock Agamas are nicknamed the spiderman lizard as during the breeding season the males show stunning markings with the head, neck and part of the tail turning a vivid orange or red and the body turns a deep […]

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Sea Education Association announces the Plastics at SEA: North Pacific Expedition 2012

On Wed. 3 October, the SSV Robert C. Seamans set sail from San Diego on Sea Education Association’s (SEA) second research expedition dedicated to the study of plastic marine debris, Plastics at SEA: North Pacific Expedition 2012.  The crew of the expedition includes 31 SEA alumni from classes W-10 to S-233.  The 2500-nautical mile voyage to […]

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Green is the new black – saving water

This week consider your “water footprint” and how much water you use on a daily basis. Take these tips to heart, and consider how little effort they will require to make a large contribution to the health of your planet; Place a brick or plastic bottled filled with sand into your toilet cistern. The brick […]

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