Bungy Jumping at Bloukrans Bridge

This week adventures were had, fears were faced, and memories were made. On Sunday we were able to bungy jump off of Bloukrans Bridge. Bloukrans Bungy is the world’s highest commercial bungy bridge. They’ve set the guiness world record for the highest natural bungy jump in the world. Naturally, we volunteers were terrified. We decided not to think about the prospect all week (out of fear of eventually backing out) so when Sunday came, it came as a rude awakening. We headed out of the Orca house whispering things like “Well I’ve lived a good life” or “Tell my mom I love her. We arrived with shaking hands and chattering teeth. After a rough walk to the middle of the bridge, all twenty of us were shaking. Some people began to cry, some jumped around (in order to avoid crying), and some danced to the techno music provided to excite us. Eventually, one by one we began to jump, and it was wonderful. We cheered each other on and the tears flowed openly. The jump was an experience of a lifetime. We all loved it. Thank you Ocean Blue!

Nia Evans

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