Magic Moment of the Week: Great day at sea

brydes and girls

What a great trip, the sea was flat, the wind was calm and the Bryde’s whale was playing with the boat.  It swam around, behind, underneath the boat and gave us a great show.  As we waited for the whale to catch up with us, it suddenly surfaced beside us to give us this amazing […]

Magic Moment of the Week: Trip of a lifetime

brydes whale

Yesterday we had the most exciting encounter with a Bryde’s whale.  This animal was so relaxed and it swam beside, around and under the boat. We are not exactly sure who was watching whom?

Magic Moment of the Week: Missile Ahead Captain

IMG 78561

Wow, it was like watching a missile coming to the boat. The Bryde’s whale was swimming in our direction when he surfaced and blew, then dived and turned behind the boat to surface on the other side.

Magic Moment of the Week: Bryde’s Whale

IMG 20181

One of my favorite moments during the program was finally being able to see a whale. In the picture you can see a Bryde’s whale swimming along the front of our boat one afternoon. After going out a few times before on the boat and seeing only dolphins and seals, it was a gift. It […]

Magic Moment of the Week: The Elusive Bryde’s Whale


We saw about 5 Bottle nose dolphins and one Bryde’s Whale. I have never seen wild dolphins or whales and because of this, it was amazing. The Bryde’s whale was about 2 metres away from the boat and it looked like it wanted to play with us. He was so fast, that I one second […]