Our First Sterreweg Intern Testimony !!!


Joyce Roels

“Firstly I would like to say thank you to everyone at the Orca house. Without all those people it wouldn’t have been the same. My internship in South Africa was definitely the best experience in my life so far.

All the nice people, the spirit and the hospitality is something I’ll always remember. Die Sterreweg gave me the opportunity to grow as an occupational therapist and to learn a lot of new different things. I have experienced so much in the time I was there.

I really loved everything; the school, the Orca foundation, the people at the house and the friends I made. I will never forget the awesome people I met there and I hope to see them again!

A massive thank you to the Orca foundation – especially Jared – and my high school for giving me this opportunity to be an intern at Sterreweg. I hope to be back as soon as possible! I definitely had the best time of my life.”


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