Greening Your Home

We all hear every day how it is becoming increasingly important to be more environmentally friendly. Going green they call it. So how does one go about it without having to create a total upheaval of one’s current home and life? Here are 4 quick and easy steps to start with:

  1. Stop idling – every moment you spend idling your car’s engine means needlessly wasting petrol.Doing this for more than 10 secs wastes more fuel than is needed to startup.
  2. Turn off your computer – save energy and turn off the PC at night.
  3. Wash your laundry in cold water – an easy way to go green is always wash in cold water, you don’t really need the hot water.
  4. Pay your bills online – not only saves late fees and trips to the bank but also means paperless billing which in turn saves trees.

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