Freddie Becker’s Photo memories from ORCA

When thinking back to my 6 weeks volunteering with ORCA I can’t help but smile. The people, the laughs and the experiences are things I will cherish and keep for years to come, not to mention the things I have learnt both about myself, and this incredible country.

There are always laughs and song emitting from the ORCA house whether it be coming from the out-of-tune lips of the volunteers or the quiet humming of Tilly the housekeeper. Its somewhere I immediately felt right at home and frankly the food was far better than I ever get at home!

The sea is where I feel happy and content, I love nature as well so combining the two…. I couldn’t have been happier. Seeing everything from Dolphins and Whales to Cheetah not to mention all the birds’ in between was a fantastic and welcome change to the drab English countryside. One of the highlights of me week must be going to the pre-school. To be able to make those children smile, even teach them things, was humbling in itself. It helped me realise a good few things about the children where I am from and how they behave and constantly want, not the mention the adults!

Overall the ORCA program was truly fantastic and the highlight of my gap year. I learnt so much about myself, the planet we live in and how to treat it.




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