Oscar Update

Our team has been busy working with our collection of turtles in rehabilitation.  We now have Oscar whom most of you have met already.  He came to us at 45g and is now a whopping 170g.  Elvis came to us next at 30g and is now 60g.  Chuw was third to us and our only female, she first weighed in at 40g and is now just over 50g.  Lastly Eben was brought to us at 75g and now is over 90g.  Our turtles are weighed and measured twice weekly to monitor their growth and ensure that they are gaining weight and size.  They are fed a variety of food including fish offcuts (courtesy of Robberg Seafoods), mussels, and pink prawns.  When the opportunity arises we offer them a jellyfish which they eat with relish.

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