WINTER SPECIAL- MAY , JUNE AND JULY Skydive_Plettenberbay

Have you ever wanted to spend a holiday making a change in the world? Would you like to spend four weeks in sunny South Africa volunteering on a marine conservation and education project? Do you love the outdoors? Do you want a life-changing experience? How about visiting one of the Top 7 Volunteer Projects in South Africa in 2014 for only:

$ 2000.00 for a 4 week stay plus a limited offer which includes:

1. We will include a TSD Scuba diving course through our local dive school- The course covers the basics of Scuba diving, a session in the pool to familiarize yourself with the equipment and then off to the sea to discover the underwater world!


2. We will sign you up to do a recognized South African Boat-Based Whale Watching Coarse through Comet Corporation


3.  Live life to the full! Experience free-fall over one of the most scenic drop zones in the world. Start the experience with a short briefing. Then enjoy a 20 minute plane flight to 10,000 feet, over the Knysna forests and Plettenberg Bay coastline. Now the leisurely, scenic plane flight stops and the adrenaline starts to pump as you exit the plane with your Tandem Master and experience the rush of a 35 second free fall at 200KPH!


4. Bungee jumping: The view from Africa’s highest bridge captures all the majesty and tranquility of the Bloukrans River valley. But there is nothing tranquil about throwing yourself more than 200 metres down towards the river below. Recognised as the ‘highest bungee from a bridge’ in the world, Bloukrans Bungy uses pendulum bungee technology to ensure the smoothest, most comfortable bungee jump possible. Jumpers are secured in a full-body harness combined with an ankle connection

You read correctly. The ORCA Foundation is now offering this amazing 4 weeks with us for only $ 2,000 during May and June!!!!

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The volunteer programs you will be involved in may include:

  • Community development and education programmes in disadvantaged communities (e.g. Qolweni Pre-School);
  • Conservation education initiatives involving the local community;
  • The participation in provincial/national marine and coastal awareness campaigns (such as National Environment Week, National     Marine Week, and Youth Day) when they occur;
  • Marine eco-tourism with Ocean Blue Adventures (whale and dolphin tours);
  • Monitoring and cleaning campaigns on beaches and coastal regions;
  • The maintenance and cleaning of ORCA’s aquarium, which is used for education and conservation purposes;
  • The monitoring and rehabilitation of turtles and collection of food for turtles (if any are found stranded) in the ORCA aquariums;
  • The sampling, tagging, and monitoring of local fish species;
  • Monitoring river health;
  • The supervised collection of aquarium species for the ORCA aquariums;
  • Educational presentations on conservation topics, which will be tailored to suit and stimulate individual interests;
  • ORCA Foundation’s carbon reduction program;
  • Fin profiling and spatial distribution programs.

You will also be able to register to become an ORCA Ambassador while you are here and continue to make a difference long after you leave the program. You will also gain valuable skills and work experience that will help you further your studies and future careers.

Don’t wait. ORCA Foundation-make a differenceBook now!

Book by sending us an email or apply directly on our bookings page.

Email: [email protected]


Terms and Conditions

Price includes:

  • Shared accommodation in the fabulous ORCA house
  • 3 meals per day
  • Transport to and from all activities
  • All program activities
  • ORCA Foundation T-shirt, fleece and cap
  • Internet at the house
  • Price is only valid for a 4 week stay
  • Price is valid for all direct bookings (we cannot guarantee the same special through agencies)
  • Price is valid for all bookings received from May 2015 for the period May till July 2015
  • Price is a per person rate
  • Price includes everything as per standard rate
  • Price is inclusive of VAT

Transfers from the airport and any additional weekend activities that you might want to do during your visit are for your own cost.

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