The Bryde’s whales are here!

With the influx of bait fish to the Bay we also see the return of Bryde’s whales to our waters. These whales (pronounced brew-da) are baleen whales and generally prefer temperate or tropical waters over the polar seas that other whales prefer.  They tend to be a rather elusive species and are not seen easily. Dr Gwen Penry, from the Mammal Research Institute, and her crew are currently visiting Plettenberg Bay for their annual research and data gathering expeditions. Keep an eye out for them as they head out daily in their research boat with the tall chair at the back to look for Bryde’s whales. On these trips they gather all forms of data on the whales as part of an on-going post-doctoral research project.  This type of research is essential for not only knowledge but also for the conservation of a species.

“The more you know about a species, the more you understand about how better to help protect them” (Alan Clark).

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