Marine Animal Strandings

The ORCA Foundation was given the first of our stranded turtles for the year. Little Oscar, a tiny Leatherback Turtle, was found on the beach and handed in to us. After careful checking and measuring he was given a name and placed into our lovely aquarium in the Ocean Blue shop. Oscar measures only 66mm across his shell and weighs a mere 45g. He has had two and a half of his flippers pecked off by birds, or something similar, while he was stranded and was severely dehydrated.  If you happen to find a turtle on the beach, please do not leave them there. Either place them very gently in a box or into some sea water in a bowl and bring to the Ocean Blue shop so that we can look after them and nurse them back to health. Once they are big and strong we release them safely into the Bay, with a smile on our faces. Caring and conserving, The ORCA Team.

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