Bait fish in the bay

For the last week and a bit the Bay has been a hive of marine activity. There has been a relatively high influx of bait fish that have arrived with the slightly warmer than normal water temperatures and as a result a flurry of animals who prey on these fish have joined the rush. Terns, Cape Gannets, Sharks and common dolphins are all feeding furiously. There have also been considerable numbers of large game fish like Tuna, Elf, Garrick and even Skipjacks making for some very happy fisherman. The water temperature last week was up to 22 degrees Celsius which attracts the various types of bait fish including: sardines, maasbanker (horse mackerel) and anchovies. They are referred to as ‘bait fish’ as they move along the coast in large shoals and are an important forage fish for larger forms of marine life.

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