Blessings from abroad

It is a wonderful thing when the generosity and love for our earth and our children travels across the globe and touches us here at home. Last week the ORCA Foundation experienced the love and caring from two schools on the other side of the world. A young inspired volunteer and an excited grade 6 boy travelled back home to Spain and the Isle of Man respectively and shared their experiences from the Siyakhula Pre-school in Qolweni. As a result the local primary school, SEK Alboran in Spain and the school in the Isle of Man, decided to get involved. They raised money through bake sales, pyjama days and races and chose to send the money raised to Siyakhula to help pay for much needed building improvements such as fixing the roof at the school. The kids and teachers are touched by this gesture more than we can describe and we want to thank these kind and generous people from the bottom of our hearts. The ORCA Team

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