Animal Strandings

If you are on the beach and see an animal for instance a turtle, seal or penguin please leave them alone as these animals do come onto land. The only time people should get involved with these animals is when they are sick, injured or unable to fend for themselves.  In this situation, you should call the relevant team to help.

If you have to carry a turtle to safety then please support it from underneath so you have its bottom and back flippers against your waist and your hands are supporting its belly, as that’s where the weight is.

If you need to carry a penguin to safety please put a towel over it as this will help de-stress the animal and it will go on its belly and sleep.  To pick up the penguin put your thumb and forefinger around the back of its neck and under its jaw and stretch out your arm so the birds neck is stretched to reduce risk of being bitten and lift up the bird with your other arm so you’re carrying it.

You must be very careful with seals as they are very quick and can give a nasty bite so please leave them alone if they are on the beach and keep dogs away as they can stress the seal out and it may attack you or the dog.

If a dolphin, whale or shark is stranded on the beach please call the relevant team, please do not pour water over them as it could go in their blow hole and cause them to drown.  Make sure they are kept in the shade and put damp towels on them to keep them moist and cool.  When the relevant team arrive please let them do their job.


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