‘Go Green’

There are many ways to protect and conserve the environment that we live in. South Africa is a beautiful country and it is everybody’s responsibility to keep it that way. Let’s use litter as an example. Did you know that a plastic drinks bottle takes about 450 years to decompose? And that rubber soles from shoes take 50-80 years? Polystyrene packaging never ever decomposes. All of the above and many, many more items are commonly found as trash left on the floor. What does it matter? Well apart from looking horrible, it has many negative effects including killing rivers. Water is such a precious resource and we have a limited supply so we need to preserve our rivers and waterways as they provide homes for wildlife and plants and water supplies for our homes, industries and farms. To find out how to decrease the amount that you litter and for loads of tips to help you ‘go green’, visit http://www.greenworks.co.za.

By Sarah King

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