Magic Moment of the Week: Shark Attack!

IMG 1611a
After working at Ocean Blue for nearly eight years, I thought I had seen it all! But yesterday’s, excursion will stay with me forever.
After having a brilliant encounter with a pod of approximately 200 bottle nose dolphins near Dune Park, we motored over to the seal colony for what one would consider a normal encounter with the seals. When approaching cannon ball caves I noted that there were Black oyster catchers on the rocks and pointed them out to my colleague, Mario, to show to the guests. In the process of manoeuvring the vessel alongside Robberg, and of course with everyone’s eyes upon the birds, I looked in front of the boat to ensure the vessels safe position when a great white shark lunged out of the water chasing a very wide eyed cape fur seal. I’m sure that the seal is thanking his lucky stars today as I am convinced that our presence interrupted the hunt. I have often seen the sharks patrolling along Robberg, but never did I think I would actually see an attack in motion. A sighting I will not soon forget!

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