Great White Hunter

The great white shark is the most feared animals of the sea. It is a perfectly adapted aquatic apex predator and designed for the hunt. Sharks and their family have been in our oceans for several million years and have been unchanged in shape, style and form in that time. They are so perfect that they are even resistant to most forms of cancer!
The Great White is known as a large powerful grey-blue shark with white undertones. Their tail is sickle-shaped and have relatively small anal and second dorsal fins in comparison to the primary dorsal and pectoral fins. These sharks must swim continually in order for oxygen to flow over its gills and are often seen with an intimidating grin which facilitates this water flow. They have a triangular shaped tooth which replaces themselves for the life of the shark. The teeth are designed not only for crushing, for example turtle shells, but also for cutting. When the animal bites something to large for it to swallow, it will shake its head from side to side to slice a piece off, this is typically seen on seal attacks.
Most attacks on humans are a case of mistaken identity, where a surfer is mistaken for a turtle when seen from below. When the shark tastes its prey and realises that it is not what it wanted, well unfortunately it is often too late. So far this year only 3 people have died from shark attack world wide ( Statistically you are more likely to die of measles than of a shark attack.

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