Natural Pest control

Many people use the word ‘organic’ in promoting a lot of products from meat and vegetables to clothing. But how organic is it?
Well one of the best and organic ways to control pests is to let the professionals handle them. Those professionals being bats and owls. Most of the pests we have in our lives can be controlled by natural means like predators. The only problem is that in our feeble attempts to control pests using poisons, we often inadvertently poison them in the process.
So how do we encourage these creatures to keep our neighbourhood pest free. The main reason why they are no longer in our neighbourhoods is that there lacks a habitat. If you want an owl/bat in your garden, then the first thing to do is to install a owl/bat box in your garden and most importantly “Stop Poisoning the Pests”. This exercise comes with a lot of patience as these predators won’t just jump into your box at first opportunity.
More information is available on the internet.

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