Magic Moment of the Week: The Splendour of Nature

We were out on the boat, skimming across an emerald green sea along a beautiful coastline of wide, yellow beaches at the foot of dark green hills. All of a sudden someone cried out and we looked to where the extended arm was pointing – it was dolphins! Humpback dolphins, three of them, making their way in graceful arches in and out of the water, parallel to the coast. They moved along, oblivious to us, as our boat ran along side at a respectful distance. We were admiring, feeling that our day was made, when all at once, out of apparently nowhere, there were a whole lot of dolphins around us! . . . Bottlenose dolphins this time. There must have been at least 15 of them. The Humpback dolphins moved on, beyond our sight, as we slowed down to watch this new spectacle. The Bottlenose dolphins were flying in and out of the water, their graceful, rhythmic arches measured and synchronized as in a water ballet. As they travelled through the air, their smooth metallic bodies glistened in the sun. Every now and then, there would be a solo performance, as a dolphin would spring out of the water and flip around, graceful as ever, revealing a silver underside, before splashing upside down into the water. They seemed to be having a lot of fun. At one point it looked as though they were escorting us as in a motorcade, a few ahead of us, some on either side and ones bringing up the end. It was magical to watch these beautiful creatures in their element, exhibiting the grace and majesty that takes us by surprise every now then, to remind us of the splendour of nature.
dolphin magic moment

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