Staggering Growth of Rhino Poaching

Save the Rhino!
Rhino poaching has been on the increase from 2000 with only on average 15 Rhinos killed between 2000-2007. In 2008-83, 2009-122, 2010-333 and in 2011-369 rhino’s killed in total. This amounts to more than one rhino per day.
Rhino horn has become a precious commodity and drastically so since 2007 which coincides with legislation such as that put out by the South Africa Threatened or Protected Species Regulation. Coincidence, probably, but this has forced ‘suppliers’ to find illegal ways to supply the demand for this commodity. The statistics show that SA’s rhino population is in serious danger.
For more information on this subject follow the link below to ‘Rhino poaching in South Africa-is it a loosing battle?’ article by Corne Eloff.

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