Seahorse Compatibility

Hello my name is Manon, and I am a volunteer at the Orca Foundation. Today we decided to tackle the problem in our seahorse tank! We were cleaning the tank one day when we spotted a sea anemone (species unknown). The problem is that they sting the seahorses, they eat the seahorse food and they seem to just keep multiplying! Many attempts have been made to banish them from the tank. However, all have been unsuccessful! We absolutely have to find a way to get rid of them! Kim, Satu (other volunteers) and I searched far and wide on the internet, a way to eradicate these undesirable organisms. We searched information on three different species known to feed on anemones. These are namely filefish, butterfly fish and peppermint shrimp. One of these is bound to be fit for this laborious task. We will be experimenting with these three species, and will keep you updated on our progress (watch this space)!

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