Another Sad Day

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On Wednesday last week the NSRI of Plett we asked to assist in refloating a striped dolphin that had beached itself. The beach walkers that were on the scene tried several times but it just wouldn’t go back out to sea. After several attempts from the beach, the fellas decided to take the dolphin out to sea on one of their rescue crafts. After a few tender moments, the animal started to swim well on its own and swam away. The following Sunday, we believe the same animal washed up near Castle Rocks at Brenton on Sea in Knysna and was assisted by a local physican and his girlfriend. ORCA was contacted on Monday to coordinate the continued rescue operation and the local authorities were contacted to see if they could lend assistance. Later that day it was determined by the local authorities and the local marine specialists decided it would be in the best interest of the animal to end its suffering. ORCA was given permission by the marine specialists to conduct the dissection to allow an opportunity to determine what the cause of death of the animals was.
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