Save Bantamsklip!

Bantamsklip is on the Overberg coast in the Western Cape, where a Nuclear Power Plant is planned to be built. The Coast of South Africa is a sensitive area due to its biodiversity. This area is an important area for the Southern Right Whales, Dolphins (Humpback, Bottlenose, and Common), Sharks, Seals and Penguins. The African Penguins and the Humpback Dolphins are both considered endangered species. The Southern Right Whales use the Coast line to mate, and care for their young.
The water released for cooling the Nuclear Power Plant, will be approximately 12°C higher than the initial water temperature. This thermal transmission will immensely affect the behavior of the marine animals. There will be a steady release of chorine to keep barnacles off the pipes that suck in the water. Abalone and other species will be sucked into these pipes. Eskom has not clarified how they will dispose of any chemical waste.
We cannot risk ruining this Marine hot spot.
Please visit for more information, and sign the petition!
-Caroline Johansen

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