Did you know?

If you recycle it is not only good for the environment but also good for your pocket book. Right now the Bitou land fill site is overfull and can no longer accommodate our ever increasing amount of trash. Our trash will have to be transported to Knysna and then to Mossel Bay, at our cost!
What can you do? It is very easy! Just collect recycle bags that are available at the municipality, separate your trash into recyclables and non recyclables. Find out what is collected on which days in your area and set out your trash as normal for their collection days. There is no great effort on your behalf but will definitely save on your pocket book.
You may be wondering what are recyclables: here is a short list – glass and plastic bottles, any plastic containers or packaging, plastic bags, drink and food tins, all paper products (please collapse your cardboard boxes).
By making a compost heap of all your old vegetable/fruit peelings and leaf litter, you can save yourself the smelly fertilizer and have a natural fertilizer for your garden!

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