Where is “Away,” after you throw thrash away?

We live in a disposable world. When you buy coffee, it’s served in a plastic
cup; groceries are packed into plastic bags. Water bottles, bags of chips, you
name it. What happens with this rubbish after it is thrown away?
“Out of sight, out of mind?”

Well it should be on your mind. Most trash is non-decomposable materials and
is sent to landfills. These landfills are quickly filling up and polluting our
earth. Toxins seep into the ground leaving the earth infertile. Chemicals are
washed down the drains, polluting water systems.

We need to be mindful of what we throw away and where it goes. Next time you
go to the store, take a cloth bag with you. Bring a reusable cup for coffee.
Reuse water bottles. We need to protect our earth and every little bit helps.

Caroline Johansen ORCA Foundation

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