Tag and release fishing

Fishing is a popular recreational sport in Plettenberg Bay, with a local angling club, fishing charters, recreational fisherman, and a dense influx of holiday makers who practice fishing as a hobby. Due to our dwindling supply of ocean resources, certain fish are listed with regards to their stock size as green (best choice), orange (caution), or red (no sale) according to the South African Sustainable Seafood Initiative (www.wwf.org.za/sassi). Providing an equal amount of entertainment, though feasibly not food for the braai, is tag and release fishing. Data collected provides valuable information on fish movement patterns, growth, mortality and stock size. This can be used in biological studies of fish by scientists around the country and thereby contribute hugely to conservation measures. Those already involved say that the thrill of releasing a beautiful, large fish is extremely rewarding, even more so when you re-capture a fish that you have previously tagged.

by Carly Appleby – ORCA Foundation

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