Green is the new black – greening your house

Anyone with a conservation-minded philosophy, or simply a passion for nature, should want to live consciously and conserve the natural resources that they use on a daily basis, as well as contribute towards restoration of those that they have already used. However, many of us see this as a daunting task, or believe that changing a few things ourselves will not contribute to the greater conservation efforts. Wrong! There is hope in this shifting environment, and it can be as simple as making small changes at home. Watch this space for basic tips on how you personally can conserve our planet and at least make a difference to our beautiful town we live in. Easy tips on saving water, electricity, and simply living more consciously will be shared. And the first tip for you to make a conscious change… RECYCLE THIS NEWSPAPER! Not so hard, is it?

by Carly Appleby – ORCA Foundation

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