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Win Win Swop Shop

The ‘Win Win Swop Shop’ is a great initiative that was started last year by the Qolweni Community Conservancy.  They have a program where residents who collect trash in the form of plastic, paper, tin and glass; can bring these items in and exchange them for credit.  The items are weighed and credit is given per kilogram of trash collected.  They can then purchase necessary items from the swop shop with this credit.  Items that can be purchased range from school uniforms and supplies to food and toys.  At the moment the shop is relying on donations to stock the shop, but hope to be self sustaining in the near future.  If you have items that you could donate to the shop, please bring them by the shop in the Plett Industrial area between 14:00 and 16:00 on Wednesdays.  Help support this worthwhile program.

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