Great White Sharks in Plettenberg Bay!!!

Great White shark Plett

There are roughly 100 shark species in southern Africa, and while most of them are very rarely seen and are harmless, Great White Sharks Carcharodon carcharias are of the more infamous of these species particularly due to its perceived aggressive nature. This shark species is one you will recognize on sight. It has a blue-grey […]

Testimonies from our past volunteers!!

2015 03 06 11.38.46

Although we are always sad to say goodbye to our wonderful volunteers – we do encourage them to share with us their experiences and feelings about the programme. We think it is important to share those feelings with you so when you are deciding whether to become an ORCA Volunteer or not you can browse […]

Magic Moment of the Week: The Splendour of Nature

dolphin magic moment

We were out on the boat, skimming across an emerald green sea along a beautiful coastline of wide, yellow beaches at the foot of dark green hills. All of a sudden someone cried out and we looked to where the extended arm was pointing – it was dolphins! Humpback dolphins, three of them, making their […]

Green is the new black – greening your house

Anyone with a conservation-minded philosophy, or simply a passion for nature, should want to live consciously and conserve the natural resources that they use on a daily basis, as well as contribute towards restoration of those that they have already used. However, many of us see this as a daunting task, or believe that changing […]