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Weekend Activities

Plettenberg Bay’s surrounding area has a huge variety of attractions for you to visit and experience during your stay. Here are a couple, to name a few:

Monkey Land is a sanctuary home to many different monkey species, where the animals are free to roam around as they please. The park accommodates captivate monkeys from all over the world who are no longer wanted but are not independent enough to be set into the wild. This is a place where animals can be looked after, yet come as close as possible to a free life. ORCA volunteers get in for free! Thank you Monkey Land!

Birds Of Eden is one of the most breathtaking experiences you can have here in Plett. It is the largest bird sanctuary where, once again, the animals have the pleasure of roaming around free. Home to over 3500 birds, this activity is a self-guided tour. ORCA volunteers receive free admission here as well.

Tenikwa Wild Cat Adventures forces you to wake before sunrise, but only because this is when cheetahs enjoy their daily exercise by taking a long walk in the forest. Want to join them? Put the alarm on and experience a once in a lifetime opportunity to personally accompany the animals. In addition, the attraction offers a guided tour of other cats such as leopards, servals, caraculs, etc.

Elephant Sanctuary Have you ever dreamed of holding an elephant’s trunk or getting onto ones back? The elephant sanctuary is an excellent place to make this dream come true by experiencing personal contact as well as learning about these fascinating animals.

Face Adrenaline Bungy Jump is one of our most popular activities among the volunteers. The highest bridge bungy jump in the world exists right here in South Africa, at a depth of 210 meters! Face Adrenaline makes you feel safe and excited, with energetic staff and pumping music!

Offshore Adventures is located right by the beach where we spend much of our time. This attraction offers a seal dive, lasting two hours. You will be able to jump right into the water at Robberg, home to over 4000 seals! These seals are not the big scary ones; they are those cute little pups that tend to be cautious at first but very quickly become fascinated with the human visitors. If you are an adrenaline junky, the adventure boat ride is for you. The boat is driven at extremely high speed all around the bay and over gigantic waves!

But that’s not all folks, we also have skydiving, quad biking, jet skiing, a wolf sanctuary, a snake park, zip lining, paragliding, surfing, scuba diving, shark cage diving, kayaking, tennis, golf, horseback riding and much more right at our fingertips!