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Our Crew

Tony Lubner – Director

The owner of Ocean Blue Adventures and the Chairman of the ORCA Foundation. He has a great love for the sea and a passion for conservation. His hobbies include surfing, diving, and surf ski paddling.

Cell 082 880 2604


Jared Harding- Foundation Project Manager

Jared, the ORCA Foundation manager who has loads of experience with wildlife and conservation particularly with marine birds. Jared is an avid diver and qualified marine guide. Jared received his National Colours in scouting and also spent 13 months on Marion island situated 2216 kms South. Jared was a field assistant who collected data for the department of environmental affairs and tourism.

                                                     Cell 0813779478

Laura-Ann Bakker  – House Manager

Laura is our people-loving and enthusiastic ORCA house manager and program co-ordinator. She will make everybody feel right at home and look after your comfort! Laura has just completed her BTech degree in Nature Conservation and will be graduating this year.



Danielle Conry – Researcher

Danielle will be heading up our cetacean research. She is an aspiring marine mammologist with a MSc degree in Zoology. She is experienced in boat-based surveys, as well as marine mammal strandings and dissections. Her passion for cetaceans developed while growing up on the West coast of South Africa and she has now been actively involved in marine mammal research as a volunteer, intern and student for over 10 years. Danielle is currently setting up a long-term monitoring project on the endangered Indian-ocean humpback dolphin in Plettenberg Bay.


Frikkie van der Vyver – Researcher

Frikkie is an experienced pinniped biologist and fisheries scientist registered with the South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions (SACNASP). Over the past 10 years he has worked on numerous fisheries research programs in Southern Africa. During this time he also spent 13 months collecting data on fur seals and elephant seals on sub-Antarctic Marion Island, as part of the Department of Environmental Affairs’s 2013 overwintering expedition. He is skilled in marine mammal stranding response and necropsy, and since 2014 been appointed as agent of the Port Elizabeth Museum to attend to strandings and perform dissections for research and collection purposes. He currently leads various fieldwork projects to collect data on the local Cape fur seal population, part of which is intended for use in his planned PhD on seal-fisheries interactions.


Teliswa Fuyani – House Executive

‘ Tilly’ is our full time house keeper who will be involved in all of the cooking and cleaning at the volunteer house. She is everyone’s mom away from mom on the program.




Charlie Lilford – Manager, Ocean Blue Adventures

Charlie has been living in Plettenberg Bay for many years and is one of the best fishermen in the area. Charlies has a wide knowledge of the sea and the surrounding areas. He is now in the Guinness World Records for tag and release leervis fishing. He has worked very hard on conserving and researching the species.

Cell 082 780 2984