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Our Friends of ORCA

Ocean Blue Adventures


Mission: “To create, in partnership with the community, a conservation model in Plettenberg Bay to sustain marine and coastal resources through improved management, research and education.”

Sabrina Love Foundation


Mission: “To create a fund, which will continue in perpetuity to assist physically disabled children who require financial assistance either for equipment, medical treatment or professional help. The assistance will create in one form or another a better quality of life for these children and their families!”

Nature’s Valley Trust


Mission: “To maintain the long term environmental integrity of Nature’s Valley and surrounds by becoming proactively involved in issues that impact on the future of the area.”

 Planet Green Ocean Blue


“Planet Green Ocean Blue’s work embraces best practices in sustainable environmental activities that use local labour and promote empowerment of poor communities while also playing an important role in reducing the carbon emissions that are threatening our planet.”

Lunchbox Theatre


“Lunchbox Theatre is a diverse, dynamic and creative team working together to achieve our vision of having theatre projects as primary awareness raising tools for important issues that are relevant to South Africa’s youth.”

COMET Corporation


“COMET Corporation was incorporated in 1999 as a non – profit organization established specifically to identify opportunities and promote, develop and further all responsible Coastal & Marine Tourism initiatives.”

Brackenburn CREW

C.R.E.W. stands for Conservation, Rehabilitation, Education, Wildlife.
It is what we stand for and so our company carries that concept in its name.

WorkingAbroad Projects

“WorkingAbroad is one of our partner organisations who sends volunteers and interns to help with ORCA’s programmes all year round.  They are also a member of the Campaign Against Canned Hunting and have taken the “Born to Live Wild” pledge, so all their programmes and partners adhere to these ethical standards.”