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New Chapter- Orca Foundation quarterly report 2018


The start of 2018 brought a brand new team to the ORCA Foundation Volunteer Program. With 3 new staff members (two experienced marine biologists and a conservationist) the program now hosts a wide range of marine related research, conservation and education activities. January was just crazy! The new team had to move into the volunteer house and prepare everything for the arrival of our first group at the end of the month, all while getting to know each other and learning to work together. A lot of time was spent refining existing program documentation and activities, planning and developing new activities and research projects, applying for funding, research permits and permissions, and testing project designs in the field. Before the team had time to take a breath the first volunteer group had arrived and the 2018 program officially kicked off. And what a ride it’s been so far… The team is still learning every day, and with the assistance from volunteers (including critical but constructive feedback forms!), the program keeps getting better and better as they grow. Read further for a short report about our work activities over the last 3 months. Click here.

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