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Control of Predators

Lethal control has been used for centuries. Today alleged livestock losses to predators, especially jackal and caracal, is worse now than ever before. In other places predators have become extinct and the natural biodiversity of smaller mammal species decimated by lethal controls. Hunting operations profiteer off the extermination of predators and a vicious cycle continues (http://www.landmarkfoundation.org.za/gin-traps.html).

There are many non-lethal ways of dealing with predators, firstly, corralling animals, guard dogs, strangely enough donkeys have also been a very successful way of managing and protecting stock.  But before one can look at controlling the predators one must understand how the predator hunts and their behaviours.  The practical farmers manual can be downloaded from http://www.landmarkfoundation.org.za/farmer-manual-free-download.html with such information.


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